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Reflexology Therapy

Foot Massages

Reflexology is a therapeutic massage method for pain relief by stimulating predefined pressure points on the feet, hands, and head. These massages help reduce your stress and heal your body. Reflexology has been proven beneficial for many chronic conditions, such as low back pain, arthritis, bursitis, fatigue, high blood pressure, diabetes, immunity suppression, infertility, depression, and more. A reflexology foot massage can be beneficial for many chronic conditions, and it helps relieve the stress and tension of everyday living that can lead to disease and illness.

Zen Spa features 1-hour foot massages with hot stones for our clients in the Bakersfield, CA area. This massage is not just about your feet but includes the face, head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, legs, and feet, along with a 10-minute back massage at the end. No other places include back massage and hot stones for a foot massage treatment! We can also provide you with a foot scrub to exfoliate your feet for on $5 extra.

Foot Massage Starting From$40/Hour

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